laura brown


Laura Brown is an actress-turned Sign Language Interpreter and Scout & Cellar Wine Consultant, who made her way from Los Angeles to Nashville in 2014. Years in the service industry whet her appetite for food and wine, and all the intricacies of them. Little by little, she tasted, learned, and began following her palate- whether it led her down the street to a new restaurant, or a wine tour in the south of France. With wine, the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know, and Laura is still  building up her repertoire of wine knowledge. But for now, she adores opening others’ minds and mouths with tidbits of information, as well as the stories and connection that come with wine. She strives to explain concepts of wine in easy to understand, common sense ways, sip by sip. Think of Laura as that friend you can text when you’re at the wine shop, she’ll be as excited about your new bottle as you are! 

When not geeking out over some vino, Laura is running around town as a Sign Language Interpreter. American Sign Language (ASL) is a true passion, and Laura hopes to increase awareness and accessibility anywhere she can. She also loves to cook, travel, spend quality time with her rescue pup, and connect with friends, old and new!