Former Yankee turned not-so-southern-belle, Katie erupted onto the Nashville scene 7 years ago after living her whole life in Baltimore, MD. She spent several years singing on the honky tonk stages of Lower Broadway, until she found her way to her dream career in construction and real estate development. She has made a name for herself in the business community as a no no-nonsense force, who, in her short career, has managed more than 50 million dollars’ worth of construction assets, with music companies, tech giants, and law firms under her belt.

While navigating a male-dominated industry in her 20s, Katie has become an example for women who strive to stay true to themselves in the corporate world. Known for her bold wear-to-work style and grab-life-by-the-balls mentality, Katie is a consummate advocate for women who want to take their life by the reigns and (as she puts it) #dowhatevertheFtheywant. Her main goal in life: help women forget about who they are “supposed to be” so they can start becoming who they are “meant to be".