Claire is a thirty-something year old Nashville native.  She’s an attorney and calligrapher.  That’s right, using both parts of the brain.  She currently practices law in the public sector and Claire owns White Ink Calligraphy, providing calligraphy services nationwide. 

White Ink Calligraphy provides custom calligraphy for events, weddings, and personal projects.  Claire built White Ink Calligraphy from the ground up, starting on social media, and shares all of her ongoing projects on social media as well.  She also teaches calligraphy classes, sharing her love for hand lettering.  White Ink Calligraphy has been featured in Southern Bride, Southeastern Bride, Kentucky Bride and a handful of amazing bridal and event blogs. 

She’s an influencer to other creative entrepreneurs and an advocate for following those side-hustle dreams.  Like many of us, she has a fabulous story of picking yourself up when things are at their worst.  #GirlBoss has turned into her middle name and she’s a true believer that hard work and grind always pays off in the end.

Claire has traveled throughout Canada, Mexico, Israel, Spain, France, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.  Naturally, she is only wanting to add to this list in the future.  She travels regularly with her sister on these amazing insta-worthy trips that take roughly 9 months to plan, bringing her social media followers along for the ride.  She doesn’t travel to take a break from life – she travels so she can see more of life, and encourages others to do the same.  From metropolitan cities to the road less traveled, Claire has had her fair share of travel stories she can’t put into words without laughing at herself, making amazing memories along the way. 

Claire is a junkie for keeping up with local businesses and the growth of her hometown.  She lives with her 9 years old Golden Retriever, Remy, who has been with her from her first year in law school, through growing pains of adulthood, and lays at her feet while she works.   Oh, and she is a foodie at heart; but who isn’t these days?