Coffee Shops - The Best of The Best, City by City


While I do not consider myself a coffee snob, I do enjoy exploring new coffee shops and finding the best vanilla latte. Maybe one day I will learn how to love black coffee, but that day is not here yet.

One of the best things about working on the road and visiting new cities is finding local coffee shops to explore. Some days I only see the inside of a venue, but when I do get to leave, I am most likely going to a local coffee shop (no Starbucks if I can help it).

Here are some of my favorites from all over the US:

The Well: Nashville, TN

First up is the city I call home, Nashville. Nashville is FULL of coffee shop, and new ones are popping up all the time. I love The Well because it is not completely overrun by tourists or hipsters, I don’t feel judged for ordering a vanilla (or cinnamon) latte, and they have plenty of seating options. The best part is that a percentage of every sale goes to building wells and providing clean water in foreign countries. Win win for everyone!

Brewed: Fort Worth, TX

Next up is my favorite shop in my hometown. Brewed is an eclectic little restaurant/coffee shop that I always try to visit when I am home. You can go have a workday, grab brunch with your girls, or go for dessert after a night out. I highly recommend the chicken & waffles with a candy bar latte.

Stumptown: Portland, OR

When one is in Portland, one must go to Stumptown. Coffee connoisseurs freak out over this place. I walked here from the Moda Arena, and I remember wishing I had time to stay and enjoy my coffee instead of taking it to go. If you are into quality coffee beans, you’ll want to grab a bag while you’re here.

Intelligentsia: Chicago, IL

This is another must visit coffee shop when in Chicago. I know they have several locations, and unfortunately I picked one attached to a grocery store when I was doing a show at a nearby theater. Even if you aren’t a coffee buff, don’t let this stop you from trying Intelligentsia. Most coffee shops will work with you if you like the sweet stuff like I do.

Madcap: Grand Rapids, MI

Last but not least on this list is Madcap in good ole Michigan. I see at least one bag of Madcap coffee on every single tour bus I’ve ever been on. They must be doing something right if that’s the case!

I’m not sure what it is about touring that turns people into coffee snobs, but it does. I’ve toured with people who have pelican cases specifically for all their coffee products: siphons, grinders, beans, and a bunch of other things that I don’t even know the name for or what their purpose is!

If you have a favorite, please let me know so I can hit it up the next time I’m in your city!


Kelsey is a proud Texan who calls Nashville home. She tours in the music industry and loves traveling, coffee shops & reruns of Friends.