Six Must-Try Natural Deodorants


Six brands may seem like a lot to try, but it’s been my experience that you have to find the formula that works best for you and your body chemistry. I switch up which brand I use from time to time. Just like the seasons change so does our chemistry and our lifestyle. I’ve put all of these brands to the test in everyday life and even in sweaty workouts. So far – no complaints.

First and foremost, when picking out your deodorant, read the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label you most likely don’t want it on your skin. Commonly found deodorants can contain what are known to be harmful ingredients. If you see anything like aluminum compounds (aluminum chloral hydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly), parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl and butyl), silica, triclosan, talc, propylene glycol, steareth-n and fragrances, I’d pass on that brand.

Aluminum-containing deodorants act as a plug for your sweat ducks. Your body is made to excrete sweat; it’s your body’s way of getting out toxins. Why put something on your skin that is going to cause you to keep the toxins inside? Some folks with sensitive skin can get a rash from formulas that contain baking soda. Baking soda is a necessary ingredient for me and my body type. If you’re someone who’s gotten a rash from a natural deodorant, try a formula that has baking soda listed further down on the ingredient list or look for a brand that has magnesium instead.

Piper Wai

Piper Wai was the first brand I discovered and totally LOVED! Activated charcoal is the star of this show. The scent is clean and refreshing. I used this product for well over a year once it first came out. Yes, I saw the pitch on Shark Tank and yes sometimes I watch that show. Happy to see they were able to get the funding for the stick a while back but as mentioned before, after using this product for a while I noticed a change for my body. I used this brand through my entire second pregnancy and as nature does I had a switch in my hormones after having my little guy. Use sparingly or you might end up building a residue on your favorite Natori bra.

Primally Pure

Medium super obsessed with Primally Pure. I love everything about this company and their story. They go by the motto “less is more” which is much appreciated when you’re trying to be conscious about what you put on and in you. All of their products are extremely dreamy and you just feel good using them. I’ve tried their Charcoal and Tea Tree deodorants. Since I still have PTSD from ruining one of my favorite bras with another charcoal based deodorant, I’ve sided with the Tea Tree formula. Not only does this formula work like a champ for myself, but my husband also loves! This product stands up to all of life’s occasions even an extra sweaty hot yoga session. The ONLY downside of this brand is the price tag but I love the way it works and I’m ok with it. Do what’s best for you and your pocket book. They offer a subscription service which we take advantage of and save a little $$$.  


Native has a cult following and has a strong Instagram campaign that got me to eventually give them a try. They have a ton of different refreshing scents (lavender & rose, cucumber & mint and a lime coconut) and goes on super easy. Native is paraben and aluminum free and packed with nourishing ingredients like probiotics, shea butter, and jojoba and coconut oils. If you’re giving this brand a try for the first time, try one of their sample boxes. They send an assortment of scents you can test out. Shipping is free and you can feel the brand has a passion for their product in the packaging and how they follow up with marketing materials once your order has been received. Native is also one of the more budget friendly brands out there in the clean deodorant market.


While roaming the aisles of my neighborhood TJ Maxx I found Schmidt's. I liked the first go ‘round but wanted to try a non-discount store edition mainly because I always hear hairstylists say that whatever you buy at those discount stores is not the original formula. Yes, I know deodorant is not the same as hair spray but I wanted to cover my bases. I found this formula to be the same wherever I purchased it. The brand has a flake and residue free formula which is crucial especially if you’re like me and like to sweat it out in my dark clothes. The Bergamot + Lime formula is my jam. Admittedly so, I’m inclined to like this brand since they hail from PDX which is in the heart of my PNW roots. Give their toothpaste or exfoliating soap bars a try too!


Affordable and easily accessible. You can find Tom's at most drugstores or at the mecca of all things, Target. I personally had no issues with the brand but my husband broke out in a rash which after further research is pretty common due to the amount of baking soda in their formula. I consider the Tom’s brand to be an old faithful. They’ve been in the game for a while and know what they are doing.

Primal Pit Paste

Hello options with this brand. Primal Pit Paste found me on Thrive Market which surprisingly has a ton of great natural beauty products. You can also find on Amazon. No big sticker price and part of this brand’s appeal is that they offer three different levels: Sensitive, Level 1 and Level 3. I’ve only used the Level 3 but the premise of the different levels is to cater to those with a baking soda sensitivity. This brand, just like Piper Wai and Schmidt’s, offers their formula in a stick or a jar. Both let you have great control on how you apply. It’s common amongst Primal Pit Paste users to have both a Level 1 and a Level 3. Level 1 might be for day to day activity and Level 3 might use more for the strenuous activities. If you order online directly through the brand you can get 10% off your first order and in the event you know a kid coming up on needing some deodorant they now offer a kids version of their brand too. 

Word to the wise: give your pits a glance. Check to see if you have a residue build up from those commonly found drugstore brands. Even if you’re familiar with using natural deodorants, your body still may go through a little purging. Your body rids itself of toxins, you may find yourself a bit more smelly than normal. After a week or two (the detox phase depends on your current chemical buildup), this will minimize and disappear as your pits and sweat glands become more balanced.

Next up on my must-try list is the Kopari Coconut deodorant and Vapour Organic Beauty AER Next-Level deodorant.


Ashely Van Nuck is an HR professional and married mom of two boys and two fur babes. She’s originally from the west coast but made Nashville her home years ago and hasn’t looked back. She enjoys sweating it out in a group fitness class or finding time alone with a book to recharge her batteries for life’s next big adventure.