Four NYC Workouts in Two Days


New York is largely where my fitness journey began. From running my first 5K in Brooklyn to the first time I clipped into an indoor cycling bike in Tribeca, my sneaker footprints are all over the city. I headed back for a quick visit recently to see what's been happening on the fitness scene since I've been gone and left feeling stronger and more inspired than when I arrived just 48 hours before.



Longtime NYC favorite soulcycle updated their bikes recently, so I started here to see how the ride has changed. I was pleasantly surprised to find the bikes themselves to be the easiest to set up with quick press and slide adjustments. Erin's class was absolute fire! A classic soul ride but with less out of the saddle speed work, we tapped it back, challenged ourselves with resistance, and clipped into ourselves to honor exactly where we were in that moment. 


Something that's entirely new to me aside from the physical stillness and mental clearing that happens during savasana, meditating sounds intimidating to those of us who are used to all the tabs in our brain open all the waking hours of the day. At MNDFL, the instructor repeatedly encouraged us to come back to our breath when our minds would wander. I was truly stunned when 30 minutes of sitting on my cushion flew by so quickly with just a little guidance to carry us through.



I've heard endless good things about The Class, and it truly was unique. In a beautiful studio draped in pastels and crystals, Courtney led a mat-to-mat packed class in shaking like madwomen (presumably to shake off all the fears of how you look and if you're doing it right) and then a to-the-beat combination of cardio (jumping jacks and various side to side jumps, burpees, etc.) and toning work (targeting areas like gluts and abs). Perhaps my favorite thing, aside from the constant movement, was the connection to myself that I felt.


Headed by infrared to about 80 degrees, the black-walled, candlelit, mirror-less Y7 studio is the perfect place to sweat and move and nothing else. Molly led us through three different flows, starting each slowly and then leaving us to move at our own one breath, one movement pace. Possibly my favorite part of the whole Y7 experience though was the studios perfectly curated, edgy merchandise. From black crop tops with their stitched prayer hands logo to black ballcaps that say "all my girls do yoga," I wanted to bring everything home with me.

I didn't grab a crop top but I brought home a whole new appreciation for breath, a noticeably higher tush, and a reminder that meeting yourself where you are is all you can do.


Self-development expert and Entrepreneur Kimberly Novosel first came onto the Nashville fitness scene as the creator of Verticity indoor cycling studio. A published author and columnist, an accomplished speaker, and a sought after entrepreneur, Kimberly currently co-owns outdoor adventure company Alternate Routes, is Co-Owner and Editor here at Elsewhere, and has a new wellness studio concept in the works.