Kimberly's Breast Reduction Surgery: Preparing


So, I’m doing a thing. Two weeks from today I’m having breast reduction surgery. This is something I’ve wanted for many, many years, and though I’m a strong believer in loving your body and all its uniqueness and shape and power, I also believe in pursuing health and happiness by your own rules. I’ve struggled for a long time with posture and pain, and I know this is the right choice for my heath and happiness. I’m a little nervous about the surgery and especially wary of the healing time (I’m not too thrilled to have to take time off from working out while I recover), but I am so excited for this change and how I’m going to feel once I’m back to regular life. 

In this three part series, I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve learned as I’ve made this decision and while I’ve been preparing for surgery, then how I’m doing and what the experience is like right after surgery (as soon as I’m feeling well enough to write), then once I’ve been healing a while how things are coming along. In addition, following along on my instagram stories for more looks into this journey.

The first thing I did when I starting thinking now might be the time to make this decision was ask women who have had the procedure done for their help. What was their experience like? Would they recommend it? What questions should I ask my doctor? What did I need to know about insurance? Overwhelmingly, I heard positive feedback to the tune of “best thing I’ve ever done” and promptly made an appointment with my family care physician. She’d already heard me complain over the years about my pain, so this time I told her up front I was interested in this surgery and why, and asked her opinion. She referred me to a plastic surgeon she’s worked with and respected, and I set up that appointment.

At the plastic surgeon’s, they talked with me about my reasons and my goals, took measurements and photos, and told me I was an ideal candidate for the procedure and had a good shot at my insurance deeming it medically necessary in my case. There are a lot of factors that insurance will look at and size is just one of them. I’ve been wearing a 32-D for years and thought because of that (not overly large by size alone) that insurance would never consider me. This was great news! But I had to wait weeks for them to review my request and reply. The good news finally came - I was approved! And I scheduled my surgery date.

At two weeks out now, there’s a lot I have to do to prepare. I have to stop taking certain supplements and medications, must take my multi-vitamin (a good lesson for all, that they matter that much!), and soon will be shopping for post-surgery foods and other things I need for the day before and week after. I’ll have drains for at least a few days following and will have to measure the fluid output. I won’t be able to do anything that gets my heart rate up for at least three weeks, and my movement will be restricted as well.

As daunting as it all sounds, I’m as ready as I could be for this! A whole new world of less supportive sports bras awaits…

If this is something you’ve thought of doing, I’m happy to answer any questions you have here (comment below or visit @beelsewhere on instragram) or on my personal Instagram!


Self-development expert and Entrepreneur Kimberly Novosel first came onto the Nashville fitness scene as the creator of Verticity indoor cycling studio. A published author and columnist, an accomplished speaker, and a sought after entrepreneur, Kimberly currently co-owns outdoor adventure company Alternate Routes, is Co-Owner and Editor here at Elsewhere, and has a new wellness studio concept in the works.