ADR's Advice on Creating the Perfect Bar Cart

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Crafting the perfect bar-cart is almost as important as creating that perfect cocktail for your friends! I’m going to help you sort through the necessary additions for your cart / table / countertop that will help cultivate a stylish ambiance.  

When entertaining guests, having a destination for your beverages is a great way to move people away from the kitchen and into a space where you intend to visit. If you are in an open concept space, even creating an area away from where food is prepared can make this area feel special.  

First things first, have a variety of spirits. Unless you are offering a signature cocktail, it is a nice courtesy to try and accommodate different tastes. This leads me to the display. We are a whiskey household, and I have really found that I love unique decanters. They are a bit of a collector item for me. I think decanters are the gateway to a sophisticated adult bar cart! They immediately dress the space and the great thing is that if you go hunting at any antique store, you are likely to find some lovely ones.  

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If you have happened to have a collection filled with the same color (Rye, Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch), you can make a label to discern what is in your container. I like the masculine/feminine mix of leather tags with an ornate cut crystal decanter, but a lovely hand printed or calligraphy tag would also be a nice touch.  

You can’t have a drink without a glass, and I think that barware is one of the best parts of showing your personality on your bar cart. This is another place where variety is important so that you can accommodate your guest’s selection. We are making a space that is not only pleasant to look at, but organized and efficient so that you can get down to good conversation!  

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So make sure that you also include stations for garnishes if necessary, mixers, as well as an ice bucket.  

 Lastly, I believe that something organic immediately brings a space to life. So having a small arrangement, or a single sprig in a bud vase will be just another touch of charm for your cart.  

Keep an eye out throughout the evening to make sure your cart is well stocked, but now the most important thing is to ENJOY!  

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Taylor Colson Horton is the lead stylist at ADR Creative. With over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising, and tenure at some of the most well-respected fashion giants like Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co, and Louis Vuitton North America. She specializes in prop styling, set design, wardrobe styling and creative direction in Nashville, TN. When she isn’t dedicating her time to making people and places look and feel beautiful, she is making bad jokes and trying to keep her cats off the curtains.

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