Travel Essentials from Resident Pro Traveler Kelsey


I have always had the travel bug (thanks mom & dad) and now I get paid to travel for a living, which is a pretty sweet gig! I have been working in the touring world for almost four years now, so I feel like I know a thing or two about packing and travel essentials. I wanted to share with you some of my top advice and top travel picks… and as always, please let me know yours!  


Top picks: 

  • Neutral clothes: a solid pair of jeans, a good jacket, and a couple of plain (black) shirts. Pack clothing items that can all be worn together so that you aren’t limited in your options, or over-packing because that one shirt only matches that one pair of pants. 

  • Multiple shoes: the best piece of advice I was given was to not wear the same shoes multiple days in a row. Give your feet and shoes some room to breathe! Also pack dryer sheets and place them in your shoes to prevent smelly shoes.  

  • Chapstick: I do not go anywhere without chapstick. I have one in my wallet, in my car, in my purse, in my backpack. All the places, all the time.  

  • Sunglasses: because duh.  

  • Notebook: even if you aren’t a writer, you never know when inspiration will hit and you will want to remember all the things from your trip. 


Top advice: 

  • Go with the flow. Make plans, but be flexible. Don’t plan every minute of every day.  

  • Ask locals. Ask friends who have visited the area, check out social media for cool events, and get off the beaten path away from the “touristy” places. 

  • Have 1 suitcase, 1 backpack, and 1 purse. If it doesn’t fit in one of these items, don’t bring it.  

  • Buy travel size items: I have a spare toiletry bag that I only use when I am traveling. I keep travel size dry shampoo & hairspray, a Tide to go pen, mini essential oils, deodorant, makeup, bobby pins, etc. in here. I never use the items when I’m at home, so the bag stays packed/stocked and ready for when I have to hit the road.  

  • Laundry bags: get cute little bags that you can keep your unmentionables in (because nobody needs that popping out of your luggage) and then a bag to keep all your dirty clothes in. I’m a firm believer in keeping those items separate so they don’t stink up the all your clean clothes!  

  • Most importantly, have fun and live in the moment!  


Travel can be stressful, so try to eliminate stress by packing what you will need but not going overboard. You don’t need to pack up your entire life to have a successful vacation!


Kelsey is a proud Texan who calls Nashville home. She tours in the music industry and loves traveling, coffee shops & reruns of Friends.